The rescue and adoption of 3 newborn kittens

This morning, a friend sent an urgent message asking if anyone or any shelter could take in three newborn kittens who were found inside a box in the park.

Obviously, a human had left them there.

I texted as many friends as I could. Sadly, no one was able to help. I do understand this. Everyone is “full” at home. Taking in these kittens would probably mean the person would have to adopt them as well unless an adopter can be found later. Also, it is not easy looking after newborns; handfeeding would be required.

I sent this link: to my friend. It contains everything I know about fostering newborns, based on my few experiences in the past; Cow, Bunny and Pole being my first newborn litter. And later, there were Peanut, Butter and Jelly, and Rex, Foxy and Honeybear as well.

After awhile, the friend said it appeared that someone had taken the kittens. We all hoped that someone would take good care of them.

However, the box with the kittens was found again, this time, at another spot in the same park. Looks like someone just relocated them. An adopter was still needed. So, I made calls again and this time, luckily, a dear friend found someone who was willing to take them in.

Phone numbers were exchanged and the kittens were sent to the kind samaritan.

When the kittens arrived at their new home.

The kind samaritan has a nursing mother, so that was just perfect for the newborn kittens.

We would like to thank everyone who had helped in today’s rescue and adoption. May the three kittens grow up strong and healthy.

Three little lives have been given a chance at life.

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