Ginger goes to the vet’s (sneezing problem)

Ginger had been having some sort of cough/sneeze which sounded like Heidi’s “reverse sneezing” for about 4-5 days now. I had been giving him Vetri DMG with the hope that it would resolve by itself, but it did not.

His appetite has been totally normal throughout and the cough/sneeze only happens at most about 3 times per day.

But this morning, he did not want to eat his Cubgrub anymore. Not even his favourite Duck.

Something was wrong.  He also did not look too well this morning.

I opened a cat of Recovery and he ate half a can of that (guess the smell is strong enough to entice him to eat).

For lunch, he had no appetite for his usual food. But luckily, he ate the Recovery. He normally does not sleep on the rocks at all, but he did today. Maybe for grounding with the earth? I remember Vincent and Zurik both slept on the rocks when they were sick.

So this afternoon, after work, I took Ginger to the vet’s.

It’s an upper respiratory infection (just the nose area). Ginger’s temperature is normal and his lungs are clear (what a relief!). There is also not much increase in the white blood cells (examined by an ear-prick blood test). But then again, Ginger is FIV+ so his immune response is compromised.

The vet prescribed an antibiotic (Doxycycline) for 10 days, a mycolytic (Bromhexine) and an anti-histamine (Cetirizine). I will continue with the Vetri DMG and the vet also added Vetri Lysine Plus (chewable). I can also give this Lysine to all the other cats to ward off colds. The vet did a nebulization on Ginger to help clear his nasal cavity.

We came home and all 7 of them love the Lysine chewables. Yes, all 7 except the one who needs it the most – Ginger!

Everyone loved the Lysine!

Ginger has gone to sleep on the rocks again now. I gave him AD for dinner, then his medicines (all after food).

Get well soon, Ginger!

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