Ginger….back on track?

Last night, Ginger seemed to have bounced right back and started eating his usual food and behaving in his normal “Gingerly” ways.

We felt sorry for him, so we let him stay inside the house (normally, his place is the patio at night – because he has a tendency to spray on all the cushions when no one is looking). But that did not work out because he came upstairs, jumped onto our bed, and started whining all night.

So, he went back out to the patio (I think he is more accustomed to this arrangement).

This morning, Ginger came in eagerly for breakfast and ate, perhaps, 1.5 times his “normal”.

So, that’s a good sign.

Everyone was given Vetri Lysine Plus this morning and everyone loved it (yes, even Cleo and Pole did not think it was poison!)….except Ginger!

Rhinitis (running nose, flu, etc. due to allergy or viral infection) might spread, so it’s best to fortify everyone with some immune booster.  The vet did ask if Ginger could be allergic to anything (any new aerosol sprays – no, did he dig soil to play with – no) – well, not that I can think of.  Perhaps it is an infection, but I’m glad he seems much better today.

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