Indy goes to the vet’s (It’s cat flu season)

It’s cat flu season.

Our cats have escaped many seasons…for years, but this year, we are not exempted.

It started with Ginger and shortly after, Indy started sneezing too.

So, we took Indy to the vet’s today, even though his appetite is intact and he did not even seem sick except for the occasional sneezing.

It’s the same as what Ginger has. The vet says it’s cat flu season and this year, the bug is particularly virulent.

Indy has an increased amount of neutrophils (first line of defence against an infection) and eosinophils (probably from an allergic reaction), from an ear-prick blood test under the microscope.

His lungs are clear (as were Ginger’s). But Indy’s lymph nodes were all enlarged, which is a normal reaction of the body when there is any infection.

Indy was dewormed too.

Ginger is getting a lot better now, but still has the occasional cough in the morning.

Indy was given the same medicines as Ginger’s – Doxycyline (an antibiotic), Bromhexine (a mucolytic) and Cetirizine (an anti-histamine).

Heidi also started sneezing, so the vet prescribed Doxy and Cetirizine for her.

The vet suggested that all our cats go on Vetri DMG and Lysine (already on it!).

By the way, Cleo has refused to eat the fish-shaped Lysine now (she says it’s poison), but Ginger started eating it, so that’s good. Of all cats, Bunny is also refusing to eat the Lysine.

Pole and Indy LOVE the Lysine, but Indy later vomits it out….sigh. Maybe the size is too big, so I’m going to break it up for him.

Indy will be quarantined at the patio with Ginger since both have the flu. Let’s hope they don’t fight. The last time, Indy lost to Ginger and had to go to the vet’s to address a wound.

Indy is eating well. No loss of appetite there.

Heidi seems okay, but I did not want to take any chances since she started sneezing already.

It’s a very hot day today, but I guess cats love it hot.

Ginger is still grounding/earthing himself. Cats know what to do…naturally.

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