Cow’s vomiting

This morning, Cow vomited all his breakfast out (he ate Coco&Joe’s).

I gave him Omeprazole.

Later, I saw him eating grass.

By lunch time, he vomited all his food again (Cubgrub this time).

On both times, he vomited out fresh food.

Just now, at about 5pm, I gave him about three spoonfuls for AD.  Of course he ate it up happily.  Let’s hope he will not vomit.  I’m monitoring him closely.

The “trouble” with giving anyone AD or Recovery is that everyone else would also demand for it!

Ginger and Indy are getting better now. Heidi seems to have stopped sneezing altogether. Bunny seems to have stopped too (which is such a relief because Bunny is FIV+).

An update at 11pm: No vomiting from Cow. He had another small meal of AD at 7pm. So far, so good. There is a slight problem, though, I may have difficulty getting him to eat his regular food…!! He already rejected it just now.

Who doesn’t want AD or Recovery, right?

We shall see tomorrow.

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