To dream the impossible dream: Getting Queen Cleo to eat supplements

In view of the current seasonal cat flu and how Ginger had contracted it, followed by Indy (who has no contact with Ginger), Heidi and Bunny, I had to fortify the immunity of all our cats.

The vet recommended Lysine and Vetri DMG. On the first day, everyone LOVED the chewable Lysine, but by the second day, who else but the Queen, rejected it. Bunny too, surprisingly, did not like the Lysine later on, but he can be forcefed.

It’s Cleo that is the problem. There is NO WAY she can be forcefed anything. You cannot even hide in her food. She would just walk away and would rather starve than eat anything “foreign”.

Thank goodness this morning, after some “consideration”, she was willing to eat her food laced with Vetri DMG.

My greatest nightmare would be if Pole or Cleo had to be fed any medication. That’s just impossible, especially with Cleo.

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