Betsy’s update

I have not updated on Betsy for weeks now, so it’s time I did.

Betsy is fine and very happy.

Here’s a video:

Connie has been taking her for check-ups on her eye regularly. As happy as she is, Connie noticed that sometimes when she is not playing with the other dogs, she does whine in pain.

In yesterday’s check-up, the vet advised that it may be better to have the defective eyeball removed once and for all. This is not only for the pain management (there will be no more pain) but also to prevent future infections from one eye to another (the two eyes are connected inside).

I am sure Betsy would feel much better after the eyeball is removed. The pain and discomfort would be gone. Like what a senior vet advise us many years ago when we had to make the decision to amputate one leg of a rescued dog, Jenny. The leg was beyond salvation.

The senior vet explained that to animals, cosmetics do not matter at all, it is comfort and wellbeing, they will be so happy that a source of pain is gone and in Jenny’s case, she will cope very well without one leg (because she would still have three). It was true. Right after Jenny awakened from from the anaesthesia, she DANCED all over the clinic. You know how dogs are very expressive, right? Jenny was clearly so happy that the source of pain was finally gone.

I am sure the same would happen for Betsy.

Betsy’s eye surgery is tomorrow. We wish her all the best!

For those who are new: Betsy is a purebred Shitzu and was abandoned by her owner. Her vet had advised the owner that Betsy needed eye surgery much earlier, but the owner did not agree to it. This most likely led to Betsy’s eye condition now. When the owner finally declared that she did not want Betsy anymore (Betsy was found by a good samaritan on the street, with the e-collar on and brought to the “correct” clinic), my friend, Connie, decided to adopt Betsy and immediately took her for treatment. It’s been weeks of attempts to try to save her eye. But throughout the journey, Betsy was very brave and happy.