The 4 “Sneezies” and 1 Cleo

It was Ginger who first started sneezing and coughing. Then, Indy and this was followed by Heidi and Bunny though it was quite mild of the two of them.

So far, Ginger has got much better. I later got a bronco-dilator medicine for his cough and that helped a lot. After two days on it, his cough stopped. Indy has got much better too but still has the occasional sneezing.

Bunny and Heidi seem to have stopped sneezing altogether now.

Madame is fine now.

I’m particularly relieved that Bunny is okay even though he was not given antibiotics.

As for her Royal Majesty, so far, I can still lace her food with Vetri DMG. That is the only supplement I can give her because she does not allow anyone to touch her royal mouth.

One does wonder just how smart Cleo is. She knows that Tuesdays and Saturdays are subcut days for her and will escape to the ledge when she senses we are going to catch her for subcut. She also knows when the subcut is over (200ml) and will get up just before the 200ml is reached.

How does she know?

Cats read our minds. There is no doubt about that.

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