Betsy’s enucleation done and she is okay!

As a follow-up to the previous news, Betsy’s enucleation was done yesterday and she is okay now!

The damaged eye could not be saved, so the vet advised to have it removed to prevent future infections, especially to the good eye. Weeks of efforts were made to try to salvage the eye, but they were not successful. Through it all, Betsy was very brave and still happily playing though she would winced when certain parts of her head was touched. Connie decided Betsy should not have to live her life in pain, even though it was occasional. Dogs, like cats, hide pain. Betsy deserves a pain-free life, as far as possible, if something can be done. The vet agreed that to remove the eye would be a good decision.

Have a very happy and pain-free life now, Betsy!!

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