Neutering aid for 4 cats in Teluk Gong, Port Klang (Jalilah Jamil & Mohamed Abdullah’s)

We have provided an aid of RM400 for the neutering of these 4 cats.

Pn Jalilah Jamil is a new applicant and her husband, En Mohamed Abdullah helps her in her caregiving work.

We have advised En Mohamed (he writes to us) to get Mr Gohpo, the male cat, neutered too.

It began with us taking pity on 2 cats abandoned by their owners when they shifted out of the neighborhood. We started feeding them, so as to stop them from scavenging for food and scrap from dustbins and annoying the neighbors. One even had to be taken to the vet to be treated for mange.
Soon it became routine for them to appear at our kitchen doorstep, twice a day without fail, for the meals.
Unfortunately, within a short period of time, they have multiplied so rapidly that we have now 3 fourth generation kittens to care for!!
We feed them with proper cat food twice a day and leave them to roam freely around the neighboring backyard.

Putting them up for adoption is not an option, as they are just ordinary and not the exotic kind.
Dumping them at the wet market or food courts to fend for themselves would be deemed unkind and inhumane.
So, we will continue to feed them proper cat food twice a day, and then allow them to freely roam and laze around ours and the neighboring backyard after their meals.
We are retired and always at home. When away for an extended amount of time, our gardener is paid to undertake the feeding. So far, this arrangement has worked out fine.
So far, we have had no complaints from our neighbors. But in all fairness to them, we have to keep the population under control.
That’s why we have decided and proceeded to neuter them, starting with these 4 females. The 3 kittens when they are bigger.
The timid and guarded, Greyjoy, (collage attached) is also one of the Colony, but for some unknown reason she’s been ostracized. She comes for her meals at our front porch. But being female she will also need to be neutered, together with the 3 kittens perhaps.
Mr Gohpo, is the only male in the Colony. The culprit, for the population explosion, seems very comfortable all the females in the Colony. We’ll let him keep his balls for the time being.

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