Neutering aid for 1 dog in Semenyih (Liu Wei Zhong’s)

We have provided an aid of RM150 for the neutering of this dog, MeiMei.

Mr Liu has updates on his previous claim (below). We thank Mr Liu and his wife for loving Raphael and MeiMei so much!

Dear Dr. Chan,

Its me again (Wei Zhong), and this time we’ve just spayed our rescued dog Meimei. Last Christmas we neutered our other rescued dog Raphael and applied for your kind aid, we are truly thankful for your help. How have you been? I do hope everything’s going well with you. You must be happy being a grandparent!
I’ll provide a writeup of our dog Meimei.
To recap, Meimei is one of 6 dogs brought home from an abandoned bus stop less than 1KM away from my house in Semenyih 2, and they were still 6 adorable puppies when my wife brought them back to our home. And out of the 6 puppies, 3 were given away to loving owners, but unfortunately 1 of the 6 died of canine parvovirus at our home. The rest we cared for them until full recovery. Hence leaving us with a male and a female, Raphael and Meimei, of whom we intend to keep as part of our family for life. Raphael was neutered before last Christmas and is now fully recovered and very playful, having great appetite and noticeably larger than Meimei (this puzzles me). And again we are very thankful for your aid towards Raphael’s neutering.
Last Tuesday, 25th Feb, I bought Meimei to the same vet to be spayed. It broke our hearts to see her going under the knife, especially when we had to request the vet make a small cut in her ear, which my wife cried about. She had the best looking ears out of the 6! But we understood that it would be a failsafe if one day she ran away and got caught, she wouldn’t have to be cut opened again unnecessarily. That being said, it will be unlikely she would run away because we keep them indoors and they live very closely to us, sleeping with us and having meals with us, and according to Clever Pet Owners, having the dog spending time with us will make her feel safer.
It has been a week since her surgery and she has recovered to her usual playful self. Her wound however, will take some time to fully heal I believe. The vet performing the surgery has done a great job, the incision is just about 1 inch long.
I’ve attached the photo collage of Meimei, receipt of surgery, application form for your kind aid, and the POS EKSPRES number, all in JPG format. I have also posted yesterday via POS EKSPRES the original receipt along with the application form.
We hope that our application will be graciously approved.
Hope to hear from you soon! Take care and have a great day Dr Chan.
Thanks for your time,
Yours truly,
Wei Zhong
Photos of both dogs together, and a video!
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Once again we cannot express fully how thankful we are for the aid given for his neutering.
It has been more than two months, almost three, since he was neutered. It has always been our aim to neuter/spay dogs because the last thing our community needs is more strays wandering our roads, being ill treated, abused or even killed. The awareness of this in Malaysia is still comparatively low, and what better way to change our community than to change ourselves first. Raphael has since recovered wonderfully and is now back to his playful self. And with his huge appetite, he can’t seem to get enough food! He is noticeably much larger than Meimei! Even after feeding him, he will still come stare at us at with those cute eyes while we are eating at the dining table, wanting us to feed him even more! We feed them thrice a day, giving them a mixture of boiled chicken breast meat, kibbles, a bit of greens, sometimes rice, raw eggs(only recently), making sure they get the right nutrients and well hydrated throughout the day. They are also trained to conduct their businesses(no. ones and twos) in the our toilet, on pee pads. I shower them once a week, sometimes every 5 days, if they had been brought out for walks a lot. Raphael’s last shower was on Monday. Meimei has not been showered since the day of her surgery, the vet has advised us to keep her dry until her wound completely seals up.
Since Meimei’s surgery, we have had to keep them apart, sleeping in different rooms because they do play rough at times, and we don’t want that to affect Meimei’s healing process. Thankfully a friend has given us a nice comfy bed for dogs, and with those beds they sleep better each night without each other’s company. The photos you see are taken over the span of these 24 hours, some taken by me, and my wife yesterday while I was out on a working trip. Just last night, I suspect Raphael has bitten off Meimei’s ear’s stitches! It is obvious Meimei’s ear looks quite different in the last few photos. I hope her ear recovers quickly with the care tips we got at
So as you can see, we are giving them the very best we can, sometimes up to a point where it causes dents in our pockets. But knowing that they would be much better off with us than living outside uncared for, it becomes worthwhile to us. My wife and I are expecting a baby boy this June, and we hope they would love our baby as much as they love us, and that our little boy would learn to love his pet siblings as well.
I will send another email with a short video clip of them playing before going to sleep at night. They really do have very different temperaments! I couldn’t send it here because of the large file size. If you would want more pictures of them please do not hesitate to ask me, I would be more than delighted to share them with you!