HK dog tests negative for Covid19, of herd immunity for humans and other thoughts

The news:

Earlier on, I was personally very concerned when I read that a dog in Hong Kong had tested “weak positive” for Covid19 and how the dog was thought to have contracted the disease from his/her owner.

At that time, I really, really hoped that Covid19 will not and cannot be passed on to companion animals. We already know that the FCov (feline corona virus) CANNOT be passed on to humans. We know this for a fact.

So I am truly extremely relieved that the dog has tested negative now. May it remain negative and may the dog be well.

In the past there had been many diseases that were thought to have started from farm animals in the animal farming industry and what was the result – massive culling of completely innocent animals. “Innocent” because the animals did no wrong. It was humans who chose to breed them in congested farms that result in the spread of diseases. The animals did no wrong, and yet they were culled in brutal ways.

Of course the majority of humans would totally disagree with the above and think that the culling was “necessary” to save human lives, but then again, the opinion of the majority need not always be correct or right.

Who says that human lives are more important than animal lives?

My concern also arose partly because of the case in Sept 2015 in a certain state whereby a certain politician refused international help but instead opted to have innocent street animals (dogs and cats) brutally and mercilessly culled to avert the alleged spread of a certain disease. An international organisation had offered FREE assistance in the form of vaccination to create herd immunity, but its help was refused. A vaccine was readily available (proven to work), was offered free of charge, the proposed method had been proven successful and effective in many other countries and yet, the assistance was flatly refused. As a result of this, thousands of innocent street animals were brutally murdered.

Human arrogance.

And now, we hear of “herd immunity” among humans being a possible option to control the spread of Covid19.

Here’s what a very experienced local doctor has to say (please refer to the first option):

Of course the first option is unthinkable. Survival of the fittest. Back to the days of the caveman, the Black Plague and the Spanish Flu.

But if a Covid19 vaccine can be developed, then herd immunity is possible.

The UK is talking about this herd immunity as well:

But here’s the problem, there is still no vaccine for Covid19 and it might take at least 6 months to a year before a proper vaccine can be developed. And in the process of developing a vaccine, can we please ask that it is NOT tested on lab animals? The biology of animals is not the same as that of humans. If it is a vaccine for humans, test it on human volunteers, please. No animals.

Animals do not exist so that humans can use them. Again, the majority would disagree but the majority is not always right.

But for now, while I deeply sympathise with the whole human community of which I am also a member, in its battle with Covid19, I remain extremely relieved that the disease is not transmissible to our companion animals and animals on the whole.

We hope that in time, a vaccine can be developed so that herd immunity can occur.

Photo credit: Positive Parenting

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