The feral queen

Our feral queen is the one who was born in the wardrobe and has lived with us for 13+ years now.


Among her many feral behaviours would be:

1  Does not trust any of us despite having lived with us for more than 13 years.

2  Cannot be pilled (because of (1)).

3  Cannot be fed supplements even though added to or “hidden in” her food (because of (1)).

Cleo’s comment: “Hidden”??  Hahahaha….  You actually think you can “hide” something from a cat??   

This is my laughing face.

Lately, she started exhibiting more feral behaviour. She would eat a lot on a certain day and then, go off food for the next few days.

But you’re not living in the jungle where food is scarce, Cleo.

Cleo: Who says I’m not living in a “jungle”? 


So, anyway, what I do now is to let her eat as much as she wants whenever she feels like eating a lot knowing that she is going to go off food for the next few days.

Recently, I introduced a new flavour of Coco&Joe’s to the clan – Chicken and Fish (it’s cooked sardines with raw chicken). Cleo LOVED it! And ever since then, she’s been devouring this flavour like there is no tomorrow.

I used to give Coco&Joe’s Turkey Recipe and Rabbit Recipe (which contains chicken) so this combination fulfils the requirement of the minimum of 3 proteins for rotational purposes.

Tabs, Heidi and Ginger are on Cubgrub. Tabs and Heidi will not touch Coco&Joe’s at all, but the rest are willing to. Cow and Pole prefer Coco&Joe’s. Bunny and Indy eat both.

Who did I leave out?


Well, you got to play it by ear for this one. Sometimes, she wants Coco&Joe’s, sometimes it’s Cubgrub.

So, how would I know which is the preferred food for a particular meal?

Read my mind, slave.

You were born to serve….me. 

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