Ginger to the vet’s again

Ginger recovered, then started coughing again. I quickly got him the anti-histamines and broncodilator, and the cough stopped, but he started sneezing again yesterday so it’s off to the vet’s again today.

The vet explained that being FIV+, it appears to be harder for Ginger to overcome the flu virus. Also, the flu virus does linger in the system for a certain period of time even after recovery. Since Ginger is FIV+, he started exhibiting symptoms again.

However, Ginger’s lungs and esophagus are both CLEAR. It’s all upper respiratory.

Ginger was put on the nebulizer again. This would help clear his airways a bit. The vet prescribed another course of Doxy (antibiotics), broncodilator and a mucolytic.

An ear-prick blood test was done as well and it’s not an allergic reaction so the anti-histamines is no longer necessary.

Ginger’s ears were quite dirty though and he had been scratching quite a bit. For this, his ears were cleaned (yes, I should have done this more regularly too) and an ear cleaner was prescribed, to be used three times a week. It’s called Dermoscent PyoClean Oto:

PYOclean® Oto contains:
  • lipoaminoacids from green apples which are extra-gentle cleansing agents.
  • honey and propolis, combined with essential oil of red myrtle which soothe irritation while having an antimicrobial effect. 
  • N-acetylcysteine from natural origin which helps fight against community of germs, called a biofilm, contributing to antibiotic resistance and recurrent otitis.

Our cats are so lucky, right?  They get the best of the best….even if we had to starve!

Ginger had been practising social distancing too. Good boy, Ginger!

He is also on Vetri DMG and Vetri Lysine Plus.

And “grounding” or “earthing”.

His appetite has not waned in any way, which is good.

Luckily he has the whole patio to himself.

Oh, guess who I met at the clinic?

Betsy was there to have her stitches removed! She’s doing very well!

The vet told me later that Ginger was sniffing the nebulizer all the way during the procedure! So, he started sneezing quite a bit in the car and now, but it should subside soon.

He likes the nebulizer….how cute!

I hope he gets well this time. Sometimes, we just have to ride out the storm. It’s a virus, you know….

Viruses rule the earth.

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