Your pets cannot contract Covid-19

Sharing from my dear friend, Aurora Lambrecht, person-in-charge of EndFIP:
There has been much confusion surrounding Covid-19 and your pet but please be assured:
Your pets cannot contract Covid-19. This has been fact checked by numerous sources
IDEXX (one of the global leaders in veterinary diagnostics) has reported ZERO cases worldwide of Covid-19 in any domestic pets:…/about-…/news/no-covid-19-cases-pets/
The WSAVA (World Small Animal Veterinary Association) released a circular:…/the-new-coronavirus-and-companion-anim…/
The WHO’s official position is that at this point in time is that dogs and cats cannot be infected with Covid-19, nor can they infect people. However, due to the case of the dog in Hong Kong, they advise that further studies may bring new information. Due to this people are encouraged to practice good hygiene protocols when petting their animals – wash your hands afterwards!

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