Social distancing (a lesson from the cats)

Okay, our human told us to take over the posts because she is so afraid of inadvertently publishing “fake news” again.

Today, we are going to share with you how WE do social distancing.

We have no problems in practising social distancing at all times because we keep a safe distance from each other (Otherwise people like Indy? He’s crazy, he can scratch out your eyes).

The only time we come close is during meal times.

So, our human announces that it’s time to eat. She lays out all our food – Coco&Joe, Cubgrub and Primal Freeze-Dried. Why three types? Well, you don’t expect us all to like the same food at the same time, right?  She is SUPPOSED to know who wants what in which meal. She seems to have learnt how to do this pretty well these days. Practice makes perfect.

See? This is social distancing. Indy is at the window sill. Tabs is on the counter and I am on the floor (me, Heidi).

Where is Ginger, you ask?

He is eating at the patio because he had the flu, remember?

And no, our human did not isolate him there. He did it all by himself. Learn, humans!

We also taking these now: Supplements to avert the cat flu.

You have Covid-19, we have the cat flu.

It’s cat flu season now. Ginger somehow got it first, and it spread to Bunny, Indy and me. The three of us have recovered and Ginger is getting better, slowly but surely.

As for the Cow Clan, social distancing is already a way of life for them. ‘Coz they are all anti-social. And there’s Indy also (reason: as above), but to be fair to him, he only defends himself. It’s Cow and Bunny who bully.

So, whether eating or not, there’s no problems with the Cow Clan – they already have a 1 metre radius between themselves.

And why is Indy eating again?  Well, he has dual citizenship, so he gets to eat twice. He gets Cubgrub with Primal at the window sill when he eats with us (‘coz we only eat Cubgrub) and he gets Coco&Joe’s with the Cow Clan. With Primal again.

And why isn’t he obese, you ask? That’s because he burns up all his food by dashing around like some crazy fellow.

You see what I mean? Social distancing is a way of life for the Cow Clan.

It isn’t so hard, humans. I used to be able to go out to the park too, but now for my own safety, my humans built this Stargate2 and make me stay inside.

If I can get used to it, why can’t you?


You got to stay safe, humans. We need you to look after us.

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