A cat’s standard of hygiene (a lesson for humans)

I’m Cleo and I’m here to give you a lesson in cat hygiene.

By the way, this blanket is mine. All mine. Mine alone.

But sometimes…

…when I’m off it, someone comes along and uses it.

If someone else has used it, never mind who, even if it’s your mother (in my case, it IS my mother), you don’t use it anymore, okay?  ‘Coz you won’t know if your mum is an asymptomatic spreader of the cat flu. It’s cat flu season now, folks.  

An “asymptomatic spreader” means the other cat may be carrying the virus, but does not show any symptoms (so your human would not have taken her to the vet’s or given her medicine). However, she could still be spreading the virus. 

I hear some of you humans have problems understanding this, including a former minister or something like that?  Well, I hope someone explains it to her.  Maybe draw her a picture or show her a video, you know.  

So, back to my blanket story, what do you do then?  

Well, you instruct your human to wash the bedding with disinfectant.  

And dry it under the sun. The sun is healing.

My human has put on a new sheet for me. I’m going to check it out. 

And if your elders don’t understand the need for social distancing, you’ve got to explain it to them.

But we cats understand it because it’s our nature. Unlike dogs, we are not pack animals. We are solitary animals. 

See, my Uncle CowMau understands. He’s always by himself. 

Okay, this is clean. 

It’s good. 

Now, my blanket is dry.


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