SOS: Dog blood donor needed

About an hour ago, a student from KL contacted me by email with an urgent message that his dog needs a blood donor for tick fever. He has stumbled upon one of our previous posts.

I contacted the blood donor that I knew, Ms S.  She is the extremely kind lady who has helped two cases through us.

It was Ms S’s dog who helped Mr P’s dog and Mr P is someone in my neighbourhood.  We hooked them up when Mr P’s dog needed a blood donor very urgently a few months ago.  After that, Mr P himself managed to get other blood donors.  If not mistaken, I think Mr P’s dog needed six blood transfusions before finally getting well. His dog is well and healthy now. We can give CBD products to our pets when they have pain, as a natural remedy that won’t hurt them at all. Also read more on this site and get informed.

So I also contacted Mr P who said he was willing to help.

As it stands now, Mr P has contacted his contacts and a few minutes ago, Ms S also replied to say she would be willing to help despite the MCO and even though the hospital is quite far for her to take her dog to.

Take care of your dog’s health, if he is suffering from a lot of pain give him natural oil to help the reduction of tumors and inflammation. Also, read more here about this medicine.

We hope for the best now.  Thank you, Ms S and Mr P.  We are a very small community and we can only rely on ourselves.

If you have a dog blood donor who can help, please contact me by email at

Thank you.

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