Thank you very much, Ms Soo and YY!

Yesterday, we received an SOS from a stranger asking if we could help him get a blood donor for his dog. His dog has tick fever and needed blood transfusion.

I managed to contact a very kind lady who had offered her dogs as blood donors before. Despite the MCO and the long distance, today, she drove three of her dogs to the hospital to test for compatibility. One of her dogs qualify and will donate blood tomorrow to save the dog with tick fever. She will drive her dog there to do it.

Thank you so much, Ms Soo. You are also a hero, and your dog, YY, too!

The latest message from the owner of the dog:

Hi dr, update on sugar: mrs soo brought her 3 dogs in for crossmatching today and turns out one of her dogs is fit for being a donor! his name is YY and we will be doing transfusion tomorrow. thank you so much for ur help, would not have been able to have this outcome without your kind heartedness! God bless you Dr

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