Blood donor (the latest news)

I contacted more than 10 vets to ask if their clinics or clients have any blood donor dogs, also contacted as many dog-owners I knew, including some of our applicants.

Everyone was very kind and the message was shared.  Those whose dogs could not help helped by forwarding the message.

We found a kind man who offered his dogs, and another kind young man who also offered his pet dog.

Finally, Max received some hopeful news and this is his latest text at 11.10pm:

thank God we have one dog who is going to come into the hospital tomorrow to check if she can donate to sugar, and thank you dr, you are saving her life by reaching out to others ? will update you, i can manage from here, have 3-4 backups already

We would like to thank everyone who has helped to share the SOS and responded in support.  

Get well soon, Sugar!