The story of an “MCO-defiant” little girl with a happy ending!

Our friend and longtime supporter, Sis NandaLeonie, shared this photo and little story:

This MCO-defiant little girl found by my 2 dogs on Fri trying to enter front porch. Now Suzie has settled in happily. My current 9 kids are between 13&2 yrs, with Stanley (coming to 2 yrs) found middle of road outside my hse. Hope mommy can outlive them. Doggie in pic is Jolene making friends with Suzie just now. 

Looks like little Suzie has found her forever home now!  

Thank you, Sis NandaLeonie!

We hope everyone is staying safe. Those who can bring in your community animals, please do so for this period. Those who cannot, thank you for continuing to look after them and please stay safe.

We have been in touch with many of our applicants whom we know feed community animals and are relieved to know they have been able to continue looking after the animals and they have also stocked up enough petfood to tide over this period. Those who cannot get to the petstore to buy stock, we will be happy to help you out. Please contact me at (this is just in case I have not been able to contact you).

Stay safe. Stay well. Stay positive. Our animals need us.


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