MCO-Relief Petfood Donation to CNRM-applicants

As part of doing our bit to help street animals and their caregivers during this MCO-period, we are contacting our CNRM-applicants (past and present) as well as some other feeders (recommended by donors) to ask if they need petfood.

Many have already stocked up, which is really good. But some are running short and their regular petstores are closed or they have not been able to get stock. Some have taken up the task of feeding nearby colonies; helping each other out. Some are also feeding other street animals as and when they come across them. For example, one of our applicants shared that there have been an influx of new animals into his colony, so he is feeding the new ones too. Kudos to all of you!

In view of the above, this is a special MCO-relief project to help out with petfood donation. As I write this, we have already made four orders of petfood donation to feeders in the Klang Valley. Avant Pet is also swarmed with deliveries and we totally understand that we would have to wait our turn. We are very thankful to Avant Pet for helping us during this time of need.

To all donors, if you would like to help out, we would appreciate your donations very much. We also understand that many of you might be hard hit by the MCO and the impending economic aftermath, so for those who are still able to and would like to help out, we are deeply grateful.

As the economy is certain to be drastically affected after the MCO, so we foresee that many animal caregivers would continue to need help. Therefore, this MCO-relief project might have to extend beyond the lifting of the MCO.

To all donors, we thank you in advance.

To all animal caregivers, thank you for all that you do.

Stay well and stay safe. Our animals need us.