Please share your happy stories (Indy’s escapes)

Dear everyone,

There’s enough gloom and doom going around during this period, so if you have a happy animal related story to share, please do send photos and stories to me at

We need to keep everyone’s spirits up.

Thank you!

Here’s mine for today.  Indy is terribly bored.  So, he has been making escapes out to the patio every single time we open Bunny’s grille. He is as quick as lightning.

And what does he do when he comes out?

He bugs Ginger.

You bug me, I bug you back.

Going to stare at you….

What Indy does not know if that Ginger has an abundance of patience and will not allow himself to be bugged. Ginger is the master-bugger in the house.

Here is another bugging session.

Today, he has since escaped twice. Well, we have only opened Bunny’s grille twice today.

I’m letting him play with serai leaves today. Something new to keep him occupied…for 3 seconds.

I’m bored…I need something else.

Now, he is pushing chairs and making noise.

Actually, I’ve been taking many photos with the intention of writing happy stories, but I’ve really been swarmed with MCO-related matters. There’s e-learning at work and there’s also responding to many emails and messages. But we’d just have to keep ourselves sane, composed and do our very best with rationality.

On a more serious note, Ginger’s flu took a sudden turn yesterday. He’s been relatively well with just some mild cough, but he starting snorting again yesterday, so I hope I can get through roadblocks to take him to the vet in PJ today. I think he might need the nebulizer again. He loves the nebulizer, so that is good.

Will write more on this later. Just please wish us luck with the roadblocks. Thank you.

I do have a contingency plan, though. Our vets in Subang Jaya are still open.

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