My washable homesewn mask

Disclaimer: This is just a sharing. These fabric masks only act as a shield. A contingency plan if you run out of proper masks. Or, something to do if you are at home with nothing to do. You do not even need a sewing machine to make this. It can be sewn by hand.

What the experts say:

CONCLUSION: Our findings suggest that a homemade mask should only be considered as a last resort to prevent droplet transmission from infected individuals, but it would be better than no protection.

Here’s are my first and second attempts at making a reusable and washable homesewn mask.

I had run out of elastic bands and the shops are closed, so I improvised by using old tshirts. Just cut diagonally (I believe the technical term is “bias”?) and it would have some elasticity.

You can make the whole mask out of tshirt material (thicker) or cotton fabric. Remember you are going to breathe into it.

The dimensions are 7in by 9in. Two pieces of fabric.

I don’t have elastic bands, so I improvised by using bias-cuts of old tshirts – these would be the “elastic bands” for the two ears. Do the above on both sides.

Cover with the other piece of cloth, then use pins to hold the two pieces and the “elastic bands” down. Now, sew around the whole mask, but leave a 2in gap at the bottom for you to flip it right side out later.

When sewing across the elastic bands, go back and forth to make it more secure.

See the hole at the bottom? Use this to flip it right side out now.

This is what you’ll get.

Now, fold it into two and make a crease.

Then, fold it into fours and make the creases (just use your fingers or use an iron).

Open it up and you will have three creases. The folding just now is only to make these lines.

Using these lines, make these folds. Pin the folds down and sew around it.

Sew around it now. You can sew twice around to make it more sturdy.

Voila! Your mask is ready!

The size is exactly like that of the pharmacy-bought mask.

However, to make it better, you may use twisties for the “metal piece” on top or better still, add a Hepa filter layer (I don’t have this).

This is my first one, using old tshirt material.

Stamped approved by Tabs….only.

It takes about 15 minutes to sew one, using the sewing machine.

Disclaimer: This is not a proper mask. It is just a contingency plan in case you need a face shield.

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  • Wine Dogs TB EE TT and Lady CC

    Nice work!
    Some others in HK have designed their own ( and sewing patterns etc in their fb too. You can try too if keen…probably with insert portions of (some say) dried out Baby wipes, or Kitchen paper towels , to act a additional filter