Indy’s “hypnotism”-assisted escapes

I think Indy uses hypnotism.

Otherwise, how do you explain his lightning-speed dashes out of Bunny’s grille such that the person opening the grille does not even realise he has escaped?

Or, how do you explain the fact that he can eat at the window sill with the Kitchen Cats and then, when you go to the pantry to feed the Cow Clan, there he is again, and try as you do, you simply cannot remember if he had eaten earlier (which is merely 10-15 minutes ago)?  You think and think and you just cannot remember if you’ve fed him, so you end up feeding him again.

Or, how he can dash out, “disappear” somewhere and make you totally forget that he’s out. And then you suddenly realise he’s missing (this is probably after an hour or so), and you start searching every nook and corner for him only to realise he is right there, in plain sight, lounging in the living room. How could you have missed seeing him right there? He’s black and white, for heaven’s sake. But you just don’t see him.

How does he do it?

It’s hypnotism. It must be.

Early this morning, he dashed out…again.

See his chair?  We know how he pushes it. He sprints from afar and jumps onto the chair. The force of the jump pushes the chair.

He’s hiding in the pandan now. He thinks I cannot see him.

I can see your tail, Indy.

Then, after awhile, you just totally forget where he is….

…until you realise he is right there, in plain sight.

It’s hypnotism. Definitely.

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