A mascot-tshirt for Ginger!

Husband suggested I put a tshirt on for Ginger in case he is cold at night. We already let him stay inside the house at night (not the patio), but he has got so used to patio that he would find ways to sneak out and sleep on the chair in the patio every night.

So I took out all the tshirts we have – Indy’s, Tiger’s, Daffodil’s, but none could fit Ginger. He is just SO big.

Hmm….now how?

Sew one!

So I took out some old tshirts, used Indy’s Gay-Rock-Star tshirt as a sample and cut something bigger all around.

Then, I sewed the pieces together (this is the easy part).

Now comes the hard part – the piping along the collar, the two armholes and the bottom. I didn’t have any bias (I believe that’s the term for it?) so I made my own. I remember it’s done by cutting cloth diagonally.

With some trial and error here and there….

Well, never mind if it is a little wrong here and there, it’s my first attempt.

It’s finished!!

It took me an hour (this includes time taken to figure out how it’s done).

Let’s try it on, Ginger…

It’s a good fit.

Hey, Ginger! You have your very own AnimalCare tshirt now!

You are our official mascot!

I think he is happy with it. He didn’t do the “reverse” movement – cats do this to get out of harnesses or anything they don’t like.

We prepared this for him too.

Tabs, the perfect nursemaid!

And so, I’ve learnt how to sew a cat tshirt.

Ginger is a hypochondriac, so when he gets all kinds of “special” things, it makes him feel better.

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