Indy’s hypnotism (cont) and other stories

I’m way behind in stories, so let me start from yesterday morning’s.

The day began with….

…Indy eating at the window sill with the Kitchen Cats.

Then, it was the Cow Clan’s turn…

Indy: What about me? 

You’ve just eaten, Indy, don’t try to fool me…

Indy: No, I haven’t. Look into my eyes…..

Indy: Yumz…!! Works all the time!

Then, he pushes his chair to Stargate.

To get a good view of what’s going on in the patio.

Actually, we finally figured out what he is trying to do. We think he is trying to push down Stargate, so every day, he pushes the chair hard against Stargate. Sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit….one day, he thinks he will push the whole Stargate down! And he will have FREEDOM….but only as far as to Stargate2.


Cleo is on an eating spree, so yes, please eat as much as you want, Cleo. Cleo is feral; she will eat heartily for a few meals, then, go off food.

Done with his chair-pushing for the morning, Indy picks a fight with Cow.

Bunny is fine.

Pole too.

A family portrait, with perfect social distancing.

Where is Indy??

Here, picking a fight with Ginger.

Indy escapes to the patio.

Chair-pushing is done many times a day. Mission: To bring the gate tumbling down!!

Lunch! Wait a minute….why is Indy eating again???

Need one wonder why he is so big?

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