The great MCO-violator escapees and their capture

This morning I was suddenly awakened by a strange loud sound. I had been exhausted and sleeping very late for the last few nights because of the preparation of e-learning materials for my work.

But my husband shouted, “Heidi has escaped!!”

I jumped up and realised that Heidi was on our roof!  The stainless steel mosquito netting frame had been pushed open (it’s heavy, believe me) and yes, Heidi was on the roof and so was Tabs!

Two cats on the roof!!  Both were so happily exploring the roof in their newfound freedom too.

Without even thinking (now, that’s used figuratively, of course), I dashed downstairs, opened the fridge and grabbed the Tupperware with the can of AD (thanks to Ginger who had demanded for AD because he is “sick”) and a bowl and dashed back upstairs.

Luckily both Heidi and Tabs LOVE AD, so it took seconds for Heidi to come running back to the window. I grabbed her and pulled her back inside. She was too interested in the AD to object. Then, Tabs came running back and I did the same with her. She too got the AD, straight from the cover of the Tupperware.

We closed the mosquito netting and it was all over in less than one minute, I would say.


On hindsight now, we had been hearing strange noises at the mosquito netting for many nights now, so Heidi had been analysing how to open the netting and she finally figured it out.

She had also been complaining about the MCO and the need to stay indoors.

But, Heidi, you stay indoors even on non-MCO days, so what is the big deal?

We do taiji in the porch and she had been demanding to come out and we don’t let her because she will surely run out of the gate and go to the neighbours’.

Heidi doesn’t listen. She just does whatever she wants.

She is a cat. That is why. Not a dog.

So, for these two MCO-violators, what is the punishment?

Well, they are cats, not humans. The MCO is for humans.

And in any case, you CANNOT punish a cat or dog who escapes AND returns, because if you do, they will understand it as “Coming back is wrong, so I’m punished? Then, next time, I won’t come back anymore”.

You see?

So, you should actually reward them for coming back.

That’s Cat Psychology 101.

Cats – 1, Human – 0.


We have fortified the mosquito netting now.

Heidi: Oh yeah?  

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