Our weekly subcut sessions

A friend asked if I could share share how I do the subcut for our cats (namely, Cleo, Pole and Bunny) so I took some videos.

I’m not a vet, so this may not be the best or most correct way to do it, but I’ve been doing this for sometime now, and so far, everything has been alright.

I thought I’d just post these videos in case anyone is interested to see how I do the subcut at home. I’m glad I can do it at home, especially during times like these where it’s difficult to go out.

This is Cleo’s 200ml subcut. It takes 5 minutes because she is all tensed up.

Pole is more relaxed.

Her 150ml takes only 3 minutes.

I use the slightly thinner orange needle (19G) for Cleo and Pole.

Bunny is the most relaxed of them all. His 200ml mins takes only 3 minutes with the pink needle (18g).

He can even take a nap during the entire session.

I’ve been able to change the bottle mid-session for all three of them, so no fluid is wasted.

Disclaimer: This is ONLY a sharing. Please consult your veterinarian for proper advice on doing home subcut.