Minnie Grey brings Smurfy Grey

After a day of now seeing Minnie Grey, she appeared yesterday!

I gave her the Iskhan kibble, but she looked at it and asked for Coco&Joe’s!

And look!! She brought her kitten this time!

The kitten shall be named Smurfy Grey since I cannot tell his/her gender.

I couldn’t feed Smurfy because Minnie was monopolising all the food.

Patience…Slowly does it….

Yay…!!  Luckily I bought Iskhan where the pellets are very small.

Smurfy was thirsty!

Minnie is no longer afraid of me. Either it is that or she just LOVES Coco&Joe’s!

Smurfy explores inwards…

Ginger: I am lodging an official complaint. This is totally unfair. Why am I under MCO and they aren’t? 

Then, in the evening…

Minnie came again.

This time, Minnie lets Smurfy eat more.

Happiness is made of moments like these…

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