Minnie & Smurfy’s “social distancing”

Minnie and Smurfy were playing on the neighbour’s roof yesterday morning.

I decided to try something new, so I placed food and water on the garbage compartment top. Smurfy came.

Yay! She gets to eat Coco&Joe’s now.

But where is Minnie?

Minnie decided to come through the gate, so there’s a big distance between the two of them. This is good so that Smurfy can eat as much as he/she wants.

Finally, they decided to still share.

Lounging after breakfast.

By mid-morning, Minnie came to Stargate2 and demanded to be let in. Looks like she wanted to join the Kitchen Cats. As much as I wish I could, but I cannot let her in because I need to take her for a check-up first. Ginger is FIV+ and does seem to experience slow recovery whenever he falls sick. Heidi is old and Tabs is also considered geriatric at 9 years.

So when Minnie came to Stargate2 to demand an entry, Tabs was there to hold the fort. Tabs!!

Poofed out after holding the fort.

The evening meal.

Separating them so that Smurfy can eat.

I feed them until their heart’s content.

Inside, Ginger was going berserk, attacking Heidi and Tabs.

Minnie will share kibble with Smurfy and even lets him/her eat, but she will gobble up all the Coco&Joe’s.

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