Ginger’s prolonged and stubborn cough (it’s gone…shhh)

It’s been three days now and Ginger has not coughed or sneezed. He has finished his Baytril antibiotics and anti-histamines. Now, he is only on the broncodilator and mucolytic.

Today, I skipped the nebulization to check if he would still be alright tomorrow.

The vet did say that after 1 week, we could just do it every alternate day.  We have actually done the nebulization for a total of 10 times (10 days) as of yesterday. Will do it on alternate days now, pending the vet’s advice.

Taking a nap after dinner.

Ginger’s cat flu persisted for one-and-a-half months. I guess this is because he is FIV+. But I’m glad he finally got well (fingers crossed).

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