Minnie & Smurfy’s meals

Minnie and Smurfy has not got used to two meals per day and they wait for me in the mornings and evenings.

This morning…

They were here as early as 5.30am. I think they both sleep in our porch.

Smurfy was meowing very loudly asking for Coco&Joe’s and he/she ate a lot!

But this evening…

Only Minnie came.

I waited for sometime, went to the gate to shake the kibble jar many times, but there was no sign of Smurfy.

I wonder where Smurfy is….

Maybe their owner has returned and decided to quarantine Smurfy because he/she is tiny.

I went to check three times already and there’s no sign of Smurfy,

I also noticed that since yesterday, Minnie and Smurfy only came for meals. They weren’t hanging around at other times. Maybe their owner is back (I hope so!).

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