The extremely feral Cleo (subcut gone awry)

Today was subcut day and I could not subdue Cleo. She was a wild tigress today.

I had just shifted the subcut downstairs to Bunny’s Room. I don’t know if it’s the change of venue (I think it must be, because I’m doing it in their territory so she thinks she has an upperpaw).

She was a tigress.

I attempted many times, pricked myself all over because every time I managed to poke the needle in, she will lunge forward and the needle will fall out.  By then, there was blood all over the table, but it was all my blood, not hers.

After a whole lot of screaming and yelling (no, not me, it was all Cleo), I only managed to do 50ml.

Then Yui Ping came downstairs so I enlisted his help. I thought surely he would be able to hold Cleo down. I just needed someone to hold her down for me to poke the needle. That is all.

So, Yui Ping gladly obliged, and held her down, but all hell broke loose!!  She ended up biting Yui Ping on the thumb and that swelled up immediately. I told Yui Ping to quickly wash the wound with soap and water and he would need an anti-tetanus jab. Yui Ping said we should try again, this time, to wrap Cleo in a towel.

So we did and that was a total failure as well.

By then, I told Yui Ping to quickly just go to doctor’s.

I let the tigress settle down a bit. Then, attempted again.

Failure after failure.

Finally, my last ditch effort was to use food. I didn’t think it would work because food is “nothing” to Cleo.  She can go for days without eating.  She’s also not a foodie and is not greedy at all.

But I had to try something. Of course the option of taking her to the vet’s is available too, should all else fail.

But I can do it at home for a cost of around RM2, when the vet charges a minimum of RM20?

If only she would “cooperate”.

To let her calm down, I did Pole and Bunny….without any hitches whatsoever. Single-handedly.

Then, I got a bowl of AD and brought it to Cleo.

Oh…she was interested.  Good, good….

I let her smell the food, got her interested, then carried her and food to the table. Then, I let her eat and very quickly but calmly and single-handedly, I pulled up her scuff and poked the needle in.

Guess what, she was so busy eating, she didn’t even wince or move a muscle. She just continued eating. But, it only took her a few seconds to finish the whole chunk of AD, then she lunged again. And the needle fell off.


After that, it was blood all over (yes, my blood), and Cleo was bloodied all over as well (also my blood), and after about 10 needles or so, I finally managed to do the 200ml subcut, or maybe, it was just 150ml that went in, in between all the jerking, lunging and leaking. I used AD three times but by the third time, she wasn’t interested in it anymore.

When it was finally all done, there was blood all over the table and floor, it was like a mini war zone. All my blood, I assure you. Cow came onto the table as well as he too wanted the AD. While I was finally doing Cleo, she contorted her body by twisting and turning until I had to finally press her against the wall.


It was WAR.

But I figured if a can of AD is about RM10, or is it RM13? That’s still cheaper than paying RM20 (minimum) for a subcut at the clinic, but this is provided the AD works the next round (I doubt it would, she learns real fast).

If I can use half a can, that would be about RM5-RM7 only. AND she gets to eat AD too.

But, it cannot be half a can because after that, everyone else wanted AD too. So, yes, everyone had a treat.

I’m a total failure.




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