Another cheating case (forging signature of vet)

We know it is the MCO-period and everyone is stressed out, BUT that is still no reason to cheat.

Here’s what happened:

1  Applicant submitted claim for a cat, this is her second submission.

2  The receipt did not have her name on it, also the vet did not sign it, so I informed her.

3  She says she will get a computer reprint of the receipt with her name on it.

4  She did, but the receipt had no signature of the vet.

5  However, the form had the signature of the vet.

Now, it’s MCO-period and I thought, should we be less strict and just allow it?  She does not appear to be someone who would cheat….after all, the vet had signed the form.

My heart said yes, just approve it, but luckily my brain said no.  

6  So, I contacted the vet to ask if the computer reprint of the receipt was really issued to this applicant as there was no signature of the vet on the form.

Here’s what the clinic said.  Get ready for this, folks.

7  The vet did not sign the receipt because the cat was pregnant.

8  The clinic informed the applicant that she could not claim for a pregnant cat.

9  Then I asked, why did the vet sign the form? Why was the form stamped?

10 The clinic said the form was stamped by mistake by the staff, but the vet did NOT sign the form. That is not the vet’s signature.

Now, believe me here, I have pretty good visual memory and that signature really looked like the vet’s. And this vet also has a rather simple-looking signature. However, I’m no expert at handwriting here, of course.

The clinic reiterated that the applicant was informed that she could not claim for a pregnant cat and this was the reason the vet did not sign the receipt or the form.

So, who signed the form?

Your guess is as good as mine.  The signature was forged and this is a crime of fraud. We view any form of dishonesty with utmost disdain.

We would like to thank the clinic and the vet very much for working together with us.

Yes, the applicant is banned. For life.

The story continues below….

Before I contacted the vet, I had already informed the applicant that the computer reprint had no signature.

It was after I had found out about her fraud that she replied saying that if I wanted the vet’s signature, she could go get it.

Haha…”forge it” is more like it.  Attempting to cheat a second time?

This has gone far enough, so I replied saying there was no need to do so and told her that we had already contacted the vet and that (1) the clinic confirmed that she was advised that she could not claim for pregnant cats and (2) the vet did not sign her form.

So, I asked, “Please tell us who signed the form.”

I expected another amazing story, but not this time. She replied that “it was a mistake and that it will not happen again”.

Cheating is deliberate and intentional.

Those who lie, there is no evil they will not do.

So yes, we WILL contact the vet for verification.

We record our utmost appreciation to the clinic staff for working together with us to ensure that all claims are above board.

Rules are there for a purpose. They are not meant to be broken or bent.  One can always be honest and appeal. At the worst, the appeal is rejected, but at least one will not be banned for life and labelled as a liar and a cheat.

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