Smurfy’s back!!!

Yes, Smurfy was mewing very loudly when I opened the door this morning.


Both of them seem to be always very hungry, so I don’t think they are being fed elsewhere. Smurfy, especially, is more hungry than Minnie! I do give him/her more. In fact, I give of them much more than what is required for their size. Kittens need up to double the amount of an adult’s.

Both can actually finish 250g of Coco&Joe’s. They are such big eaters.

As dawn broke and later in the morning, Minnie was lounging just outside our gate. Gingertom came to take a peek (he’s not hungry, I think he is fed as he looks solid and well-fed). I told Gingertom to go home.

On seeing Gingertom, Minnie had the good sense to come back inside the porch.

Isn’t she smart?