Indy’s visit to the vet’s

The reason I decided to take Indy is that he only has one functioning kidney. One of his kidneys is much smaller than the other and this is probably from way, way back when he was first rescued from the drain as a tiny kitten with all kinds of infections.

Indy was making noise in the car all the way too.

Indy’s weight increased to 5.7kg and that is not surprising seeing how he hypnotises me all the time to get double meals. The vet said although he is not obese, but he could do with some weight loss. Yes, we shall work on that. No more looking into his eyes!

The vet examined Indy’s eyes and said there is an ulcer, but it looks like it’s self-healing. How Indy does that, I’ll never know. But that’s good. His eye does tear once in a while. I shall put him on Petdiatrics’ Maximus Ophtal (shared with Bunny – it has done wonders for Bunny’s eyes).

Indy says: Who says I need medicine? I can heal my eyes myself. 

Now, for Indy’s blood test, all is satisfactory.

His creatinine is more or less maintained at 169 (good enough). Last year, it was as high as 238. But after subcut, it went down to around 162-178. But now, it’s maintained WITHOUT subcut. Indy’s subcut stopped on 12th November 2019. That’s 5 months without any subcut and he has managed to maintain his creatinine.  That is nothing short of a miracle.

Indy says: I told you I can heal myself, right? Why don’t you just believe me? 

(During Indy’s loose stools months, his creatinine went down to 115, but that doesn’t really count because he was having chronic loose stools, but that all stopped after I switched him over to raw rabbit. Now, he is back on protein rotation with chicken, duck, turkey, rabbit.)

Indy’s urea is quite normal at 10.5, which is good enough. His phosphate level is at 1.23, which is really good. The normal range is 1.00-2.42 but below 1.5 is ideal.

Can I attribute Indy’s satisfactory results to his raw diet? Indy is on both Cubgrub (from the window sill) and Coco&Joes’ (from Bunny’s Pantry).

So, there’s nothing we need to do for Indy.

I told you, right? 

For Indy’s case, since he is already off subcut for 5 months, it must be his raw diet.

Indy says: No, it’s because I am a self-healing machine. 

Whatever you say, Sir, whatever you say!

Also, the vet checked Indy’s mouth and said he has gum ulcers. They also looked quite red and must be painful.

“How can he tahan”, she asked?

Only Indy can answer that,  I suppose.

The vet said the ulcers are where the teeth have already been removed. It is probably an auto-immune problem. The prescription is just Orozyme which he is already on.

Indy: No, I heal myself.