The cats’ new bed

With Yui Ping’s help, I moved the bench out and in its place now is a super single mattress placed on the floor.

Knowing for sure the super-alphas would spray, I first wrapped the mattress with a tarpaulin, then with a french flannel blanket and next with these two pieces of blankets.

It’s an 8-inch mattress. I even ordered a wooden bed frame, but decided to cancel the order as a bed frame would be too imposing. The advantage of a bed would be that I can get up from it easily (bad knees!) and the cats would have a “cave” under the bed. But I decided to try the mattress on the floor first.

Of course, who else but Indy would be the first to investigate this new object, followed by Cow.

It doesn’t look imposing when it’s on the floor. And I can open the wardrobe doors too. So a bed frame is out of the question.

Bunny did not know about the new bed, so I put him on it.

But he still prefers his floor mat!

Wow, never before THREE alphas sharing the same platform.

This is truly UNPRECEDENTED.

Bunny still prefers his floor mat!

Everyone has tried on the new bed, including Tabs who visits!


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