Minnie and Smurfy came back for lunch!!

It didn’t take long…..

Minnie was back at around 1pm to wait for lunch!!

I did not expect her to come back so soon, but I think my guess is correct about her perception of the entire Ops Subuh. I opened the door and they walked in by themselves. I did not force them. And while they were inside the house, there was no aggression or coercion of any kind. I let them explore and kept offering them food and toys. Finally, Minnie found a way out on her own free will. So, from their perspective (I hope!), I merely opened the door for them and closed it after that.

So, I am not viewed a threat or a hostile. I hope I am right.

I think I am because they came as close as before. There was no fear.

See? This close. No fear.

I expect Minnie to be definitely hungry as she had skipped her entire breakfast during Ops Subuh. So I gave her a lot more food. Smurfy had several breakfasts today – a few while in the house and one more after Ops Subuh because he stayed in the porch. It was Minnie who ran away. Smurfy probably thought it was all just a game.

All polished clean and Smurfy asked for more food.

By the way, Smurfy is male. I spotted his scrotum today. I was right. He is very boyish.

Minnie grooms Smurfy. She is a good mother. She reminds me of Daffodil.

They came for dinner as well, so all is good.

I’m so relieved they came back

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  • Lay Cheng

    Dear Dr Chan,
    I am so glad that they came back too. Maybe you have to use the carrier method and when you decide so,skip the Coco &Joe for two days . For cats that is fearful of humans ,I used “carrier method” provided the food really entices them. The minute they go in to eat ,I would just quickly close the ‘door’ but that would give them a fright . Anyway, believe you are more experienced than me and would know what’s best. Just for now, Minnie is a “time bomb” since Smurfy is already this age. All the best .