Mimi’s story (a sharing)

Here’s a lovely sharing from my friend, Soi Chee. It was her very first time handling a newborn kitten, with an injury too.

Be inspired!!

Lately we added  a new member to the family for the first time, a CAT !!!! 
The newborn appeared at my brother’s door step last year June … badly wounded …I think she was abandoned by the mother . Eyes still closed could hardly crawl … the size was smaller than my palm . We took her to the vet and the young vet told us not to have high hope .. 95 percent no hope of survival . 
The senior vet gave her antibiotic … and wished her well .  She had so many episode of medical emergencies … and thank goodness she survives !!!! Amazing . 
So now for the first time we have a cat as family member ! 
The details:
i think she was abandoned as a new born , my nephew called me on friday evening that he had found a kitten at the car porch ,,,i told him not to touch the kitten ..observe and see if the mother would be back tor  it …the next day he called me and said the kitten still there ! i asked him to bring the kitten over …gosh that was almost 24 hours !  i took one look at it and saw the badly wounded back . i am not a cat person so i have no idea how to handle it , luckily my friends came over  to help . only then i learned ,
i was told kittens like to sleep tightly and close to each other and i have to provide a warm surrounding for this little one …. so this is what i did …there is a ho tpad as base …2  mineral water bottles,1 sock that filled with rice (something soft and warm like siblings )  ….and 1 clock( tick tock tick tock like a mother’s heart beat)  ..i have to keep changing hot water in the mineral bottles and hotpad to kept the kitten warm ( imagine she was left outside the house for so many hours and still survived ..amazing this little fella )…
i had to feed the little fella every 2 hours and i have to stimulate her pee and poop ( first time in my life i learned that kitten couldn’t pee or poop without stimulation ..and this is usually done by the mother )  
So i did that for weeks …s

since young she is very weak and fragile …i remembered she was around 30g when i send her to the doctor …very very underweight …after a month she was just 120g still very very small ..
The doctor  put her on antibiotic course ( afraid of infection) which was very risky at that time because she  less than one week old.  i had to clean the wound 3 times a day . she survived the first week …
things didn’t get easier …she had constipation problem so we put her on coconut oil …it didn’t work , doctor finally put her on mineral oil …it solved  the constipation but it turned into diarrhea! so the poop poop issue is like a yo-yo game …swinging from one extreme to another .  
There was one time she tried too hard to poop and caused prolapsed anus! that time i was in horror looking at it and i thought she was going to die ! i rushed her to the vet . bravo to vet .he did the procedure and stitched it …it wasn’t easy as she was very very tiny  .. also there was one time the vet had to perform enema to help her to poop .
i think the first 4 months of her life , she went through 3 or 4 antibiotic course . i didn’t put her up for adoption as i know she is not easy to take care of and she doesn’t have the immune system like others. 
she is weird too …she like to bite and eat fabric ! fabric indigestion caused her diarrhea , fever ,,,, and she has to go through contrast test and another course of antibiotic !!! 
so now we keep all fabric out of her reach …. weird fella ! 
 …btw she has many names given by people that love her …
HIMAL ( it means mountain in nepali)
WARRIOR ( her red indian name ) 
Ah Wong ( obviously her chinese name ) 
and the list goes on …….
Look at her transformation….
She still wanted her milk at 4 months.
Look at Mimi now….