Tabs’ second nebulization

This time, it went much, much better.

She did not go to the end of the carrier. In fact, she came forward to sniff the fumes, just as Ginger does!

Tabs has a mild cough. She is on Cetirizine (anti-histamine) and Neulin (broncodilator).

With working from home, I spend a lot of time in Bunny’s Room, so Tabs comes in too.

Tabs has dual citizenship and the Cow Clan does not bully her anymore these days.

She gets to enjoy the bed only when the Cows aren’t using it.

She’s a bit of a “second-class” citizen of sorts. The Cows get everything they want. Tabs get “second best”, but she’s fine with it.

Sometimes in life, we cannot have everything we want. That’s just how life is.

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