Can anyone help this dog, please?

A lady wrote to me yesterday asking for help for her dog who is “aggressive” and has bitten her. I replied saying that I am not a dog expert and am not qualified to help and that it’s best she takes the dog to an expert who can help with behavioral problems, check here for natural cbd treatments.

Her reply to that was to ask if she could just put the dog down.


Now, my patience has been running thin for the past few days, so I mustered as much diplomacy as I could and replied that having behavioral problems is no reason to kill someone. Anyone.

And this is your pet, madam. A living being with feelings and fear of death, as we all have.

As far as I know, animals respond to genuine kindness. That much, I know. I also know that some animals bite but there is always a reason for this. So I suggested that she takes the dog to an expert who can help and not just have the dog killed.

“Put down”, “killed”, what is the difference, really?  Saying it differently does not reduce the gravity of the act.

Then, I contacted a friend to ask if he could help, but he says he is not an expert either.

So, I’m taking a big chance here, would anyone here be able to help this lady and her dog, or maybe even take over the dog from her if she doesn’t want her dog anymore?  I am sorry I have no further details about the dog at this point in time.

If you are willing to help, please write to me at and I will connect you through email with this lady. However, I do not know his lady, so any arrangement will be purely between the helper and the lady (owner of the dog).  We hope you understand as this quite beyond the scope of AnimalCare. Just felt sorry for the poor dog.

Thank you in advance.