Indy, the self-healing TCM sinseh

Indy is a self-healer. Time and time again, he gets minor health disorders, he will find ways to heal himself.

Yesterday, he was having some stomach upset.

So I saw him eating serai (lemongrass) in Bunny’s Place today. But, the problem is, all the lemongrass in Bunny’s Place have dried up because Cow, Bunny and Indy spray on them.

So, we let Indy to Ginger’s patio to eat Tabs’ lemongrass.

First, he went for Heidi’s grass. It’s medicinal.

Next, Tab’s lemongrass station.

After feasting on his TCM herbs, he went to disturb Ginger. No trip out is complete without disturbing Ginger.

You’re quite the sinseh, aren’t you, Indy? A TCM master?

Indy: Yes, and that’s Traditional Cat Medicine, ok?  

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