Visiting Minnie and Smurfy

I went to the clinic to get additional medicine for Ginger and Tabs for their cough so I was able to visit Minnie and Smurfy too.

The vet assistant said they had been very good, but they don’t eat unless they are alone. So everyone has to walk away so that they can eat.

Minnie and Smurfy are boarded in the cat room of the clinic and they are alone because there are no other cats there.

When I went in, I think Smurfy was more happy to see me. Minnie must be a little angry or disappointed with me (for leaving them there, I guess).

I brought along some defrosted Coco&Joe’s just in case they wanted some. I had already left 1kg of Coco&Joe’s at the clinic for them. The vet assistant said they left out 250g for them last night and by this morning, everything was eaten.

I saw a big chunk of Coco&Joe’s untouched in their bowl. So I took another bowl and dished out some. Smurfy ate. Minnie just showed me her back.

Finally both of them ate.

They were both huddled up in one litter box. It’s good that they have each other for company even though Smurfy did not need to stay. If I had separated them, it would have been far worse for both.

More tests will have to be done for Minnie before she can be discharged.

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