Ginger and Tabs’ new nebulization carrier

Tabs was only on anti-histamines and a broncodilator, but her cough got a little worse yesterday (the duration was coughing had increased), so I consulted the vet and now she is on Baytril (antibiotics) and Bromhexine (mucolytic).

Ginger was alright for a few days but started snorting again yesterday. He is already on anti-histamines, but added to that now is the broncodilator, the mucolytic and a nose drop (twice a day).

I was able to apply the nose drop single-handedly without any problems.

Their nebulization continues. I managed a get a carrier with larger holes, so the outlet of the nebulizer can go inside.

Happy Ginger gets to breathe in directly from the outlet now. He loves the fumes.

Tabs is also quite alright with it now.

By the way, the above is purely for photo-taking purposes. Nebulization is done with the towel covering the entire carrier.