Managed to pill Minnie!

It was later in the evening that Minnie and Smurfy finally ate some Coco&Joe’s. They didn’t want the afternoon food even though it was kept in the fridge. They wanted fresh food.

Smurfy ate first (of course).

Then, Minnie ate and it was time to give her her Clavamox. It’s twice a day.

I carried her out and she did not resist or try to escape. I opened her mouth and plonked the pill it!


Imagine this….and I still cannot pill Pole and Cleo!

Earlier on, I laid out two towels for them, but I guess they didn’t know what a towel was.

Now, they decided to try the towel. It must be their first time sitting on a towel.

A towel each!

I hope with time, Minnie and Smurfy will claim this double-storeyed condo as their home and don’t feel the need to escape anymore. Then, I can let them out.

Ginger keeping watch….

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