MCO-Relief Petfood Donation (Nurul Syahida bt Razali Nadarajan & Mohd Ezarian Abdul Rahman)

This is a petfood donation for Ms Nurul Syahida bt Razali Nadarajan and Mr Mohd Ezarian Abdul Rahman, both feeders recommended by one of our donors. This is a joint sponsorship between our donors (below) and an anonymous donor.

Donors: Wong EeLynn, Tan Lai Fun, In memory of Ms Chan Kam Peng, Minnie & Smurfy.

The petfood:

Alps dog kibble 13kg – 7 packs

Vitalplus cat kibble 18kg – 3 packs

Ms Nurul Syahida bt Razali Nadarajan feeds 25 street dogs and 40 cats in Balakong Cheras on the way to and back from work. She also shares the dogfood with locals,who approached her for dogfood to feed other dogs in their area. Mr Mohd Ezarian Abdul Rahman in Sri Kembangan feeds 30 dogs and 25 cats on the way to and from work.

A message from both of them: Thank you for the dogfood Dr. Chan and donors. Appreciate the kindness. 

We thank Avant Pet for the free delivery.

This is a special MCO-relief project to assist feeders of street animals.

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