Petfood donation to MunMun for new stray dogs and….monkeys!

This round, Mun Mun requested for extra dogfood for some stray dogs who have appeared outside his shelter.  We provided 3 extra packs of Alps kibble.

Take a look at these photos and the surprise beneficiaries!

From Mun Mun: Thank you Dr Chan, myanimalcare and donors. Your donation of 3 bags of dog kibbles for stray feeding have filled up many hungry stomachs. Even monkeys are enjoying it.

Most of these strays are from nearby kampung but they somehow know there are food here and by evening they wait for me.

I’m the only one feeding these monkeys. They survive by eating wild fruits or oil palm fruit.

This lovely girl i name her Minal and 2 other female were dumped here a week ago. After having fed her for a week she became super friendly with me ❤