Pole eats baby food!

This was taken last night, after being forcefed. Pole is not happy. But the vet said forcefeeding is very necessary for Pole’s case because she has gastritis.

But late last night, she was willing to lick some wetfood off my finger. Small steps..

This morning, at 5am, believe it or not, I managed to feed her the Sucralfate (gastric medicine). I wrapped the tablet in bread, prised her mouth open and plonked it in!! Of course she resisted. But we managed it! After that, it was the Omeprazole. I thought I could hide the five tiny granules in some food, but no, Pole spat out 3 of those teeniest weeniest granules. Luckily I spotted it so I plonked it back in.

The rest of the medicines are all transdermal – thank goodness! Tramadol, Mirtazapine and her Methimazole. All transdermal, on the inside of the ear.

I then went out to purchase three cans of Cindy’s Recipe, including two baby food with goat’s milk. I figured she might be associating the smell of AD, KD, Recovery and her raw food with the feeling of being sick and nauseated, so we needed a change of smell and taste. The goat’s milk might be good for her too.

By 11.25am, Pole seemed to be asking for food. So I opened a can of blended chicken with goat’s milk (kitten food), and….

….the miracle happened! Pole ate!!!!!

Three small helpings!!

Everyone else wanted some too, as usual.

I bought this from the pet store. The vet encouraged me to buy one to entice all of them to drink more water.

As expected, everyone is extremely cautious. No one has approached it except for Cow who took it upon himself to check out this strange contraption. I thought Indy would take to it instantly since he loves flowing water, but no. He completely ignored it.

At 1.33pm, Pole asked for food again. I gave her the baby food, but I think she wants her regular food already by now. Remember that Pole doesn’t have very good memory, which is good. Happiness is good health and a bad memory!

Yes! She wants AD. Okay!!
She doesn’t associate AD with the nausea and vomiting anymore.

At 3.49pm, Pole asked for food again. This time she ate Recovery.

Go on, Indy…it won’t bite. You’ll love it.

Proud, aren’t we?