Our first papayas!

I’m a total idiot when it comes to planting things.


The only successful planting I’ve done would be taugeh in primary school and once, corn (jagung) for a secondary school science project.

All else have failed quite miserably and sadly…until….

We threw papayas seeds out the little trees grew.

One matured.

The first one was donated to the birds and shrews.

The second two were for us humans.

Yes, we wrapped these.

Donated another one to the birds and shrews.

Here comes the shrew!

There is a bird who acts as guardian of the papaya tree. She swoops down to chase other birds and the shrew away. But the shrew doesn’t heed her warning.






One response to “Our first papayas!”

  1. amir

    That is one “fruitful” papaya tree! I love to have them chilled. Growing up, my grandma always forced me to eat them, good for digestion she said.